Our Mission

Our Mission

The earth is closely connected to the people it serves, providing valuable resources to beautify the body and restore balance. Earth Missions exists to unite the natural elements of the earth like hemp, stone, crystals, abalone shell, pearls, and other resources with the humans that will adore them. We carefully hand-select each piece of jewelry or other natural product to assure its stunning design has the power to connect you with your mother, Earth.

Giving Back

Earth Missions doesn't merely take from the earth to empower humans; we also give back from where we have received. We say thank you for the earth's bounty — and donate a portion of our profits to help charities that unite with our vision to see the planet thrive for generations. Plus, part of our increase is donated to plant trees — which reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and help the climate. With every Earth Missions' product you own, you can know that you are working with us to restore this great planet to its beautiful beginnings — one item at a time.

Join with Us

Our customers love beauty. They love the planet of their birth. And they know that ownership of an Earth Missions' product is more than just a gift from the land — it's an exchange that completes the circle of giving. Earth Missions is not just a brand — we are stewards of the earth and her resources. We are a giving entity that takes nothing for granted — but sees everything as precious. And we partner with you, our customer, to make the cycle complete.